D365 F&O/AX

D365 F&O/AX at Summit North America

October 15-18, 2019 | Orlando, FL

Join your Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations and Dynamics AX community in North America to learn, network & engage.

Meeting your user group in person is key to pushing the Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations and Dynamics AX community forward. Connect with folks who know and use the product like you do. You’re all experts in your own ways, so now’s the time to share insights on best practices, and finally put faces to the names that you know from virtual connections through the User Group.

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Why attend?

  • Knowing which tools to use and where to start isn’t always easy, but it’s easy to find peers who know their way around D365 F&O and AX and can help get you there.
  • Dig in and discover solutions alongside a network of professionals across the User Group for Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations and Dynamics AX (AXUG) ecosystem who know the ins and outs of product capabilities.
  • Subject matter experts answer the tough questions about customization, adapting out-of-the-box product capabilities to user needs, and the best routes to the best solutions.
  • Summit is the opportunity to get face to face with Microsoft engineers and support technicians who are driving the future of the D365 F&O and AX we our members work with every day. The user group has always been a great vehicle for helping Microsoft understand both functional and technical challenges members face on a day-to-day basis. Today’s conversations with Microsoft engineers might become tomorrow’s product features!

Who should attend:

Given the uniquely targeted content, the roles that will be most interested are below.

  • Admin & Technical
    • Developer/ Development Manager
    • IT Professional
    • Security Administrator
    • Solution Architect
    • System Administrator
  • Functional
    • Analysts: Budget, Business
    • AR / AP Clerk
    • Budget Manager
    • Finance Professional
    • Line of Business Manager 
    • Manufacturing Engineer 
    • Planner 
    • Production Manager 
    • Project Budget Manager 
    • Purchasing Agent  
    • Supply Chain / Logistics Manager 
    • Timesheet Entry 
    • Warehouse / Transportation Manager
  • Leadership
    • CIO/VP/Director of IT 
    • Department Head 
    • Director of IT 

Accessing Session Recordings

If you purchased Summit Session Recordings, enjoy unlimited access to the full catalog of 200+ Microsoft Business Application platform sessions. All session recordings will be posted online within one week of the event.
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Look for the video icon in your schedule to see which sessions will be recorded.

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Explore D365 F&O and AX track descriptions and recommended job roles to see what is waiting for you at Summit North America.

  • AX 2012 Best Practices - 

    Calling all functional users of Dynamics AX 2012! We’ve assembled a content track specifically for your needs. Subject matter experts will share best practices in Finance, Master Planning and Development, as well as tips and tricks for making the most of your Dynamics 2012 implementation.

    Recommended job roles: Developers, System Administrators, Program and Project Managers, Business Analysts, Solution Architects, Directors of IT, Database Administrator

  • AX 2012 Planning - 

    You asked and the AXUG Programming Committee delivered! Dynamics AX 2009 and AX 2012 users need a track specifically to address long-term planning for an eventual move to Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations. This move may not happen for several years, but the educational sessions in this track provide direction and planning considerations you can address now, to be ready when the upgrade happens. Understand the change and be prepared! Sessions of interest include getting buy-in from your organization for a move to D365 F&O and performing a customization analysis.

    Recommended job roles: Developers, System Administrators, Program and Project Managers, Business Analysts, Solution Architects, Directors of IT, Database Administrator

  • Development - 

    Developers of both Dynamics AX 2012 and D365 F&O will find great content in this track focusing on coding with extensions, creating integrations with Azure Logic Apps and testing—unit testing and using the new RSAT tool in DevOps. Other sessions of interest include understanding the new world of business events as they relate to coding, and using data entities, and working in the DevOps environment and using Visual Studio tools.

    Recommended job roles: Developer, Development Manager, Project Manager, Analysts, Director of IT, DBA, IT Professional, Security Administrator, System Administrator, Solution Architect

  • Finance - 

    The Finance track is comprised of all things finance-related to help you drive improved finance and accounting decisions and to make effective use of your D365 F&O and AX application. Areas of functionality in this track include: AR/AP, Cost Accounting, Expense Reporting, Budgeting, Finance-specific reporting, Fixed Assets, and Compliance/Audit.

    Recommended job roles: Business Analyst, Project Manager, Finance Professional, Budget Manager, AR/AP clerk, Budget Analyst

  • Implementation and Upgrades - 

    This track focuses on both on-premise and cloud implementations and deployments; as well as upgrades from Dynamics AX 2009 and 2012 to D365 F&O. Other topics include sessions on integrating ISV solutions as part of the implementation process, all aspects of data migration and management, and licensing and configuration. You’ll find user showcases, and roundtable and ask the experts discussions. (Many of these sessions also apply to the System Administration and Infrastructure and AX 2012 Planning tracks.)

    Recommended job roles: Program and Project Manager, Business Analyst, Solution Architect, Developer, Director of IT, IT Professional, System Administrator, Database Administrator

  • Industry-Focused Solutions - 

    Every industry has specific needs for its D365 F&O and AX application. This track provides answers to some of the most common issues and processes in Retail, Life Sciences, Food and Beverage manufacturing, Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC), and Human Resources and Talent industries. Customer case studies will be a big part of this track, where D365 F&O AND AX users will share the technical specifics as well as lessons learned during their implementation or solution development.

    Recommended job roles: CIO/VP/Director of IT, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Line of Business Manager, Database Manager, IT Professional, Solution Architect

  • Manufacturing - 

    This track is primarily for users of D365 F&O AND AX that are Make-to-Stock, Make-to-Order, and/or Custom Manufacturers of discrete product goods. If you are driving the planning, scheduling, or production processes at your organization, we've assembled a mix of sessions for those who are getting started with manufacturing in D365 F&O AND AX as well as for more experienced users looking for more efficient processes and best practices. You’ll gain insight regarding production, BOMs, product configuration, and process manufacturing.

    Recommended job roles: Manufacturing Engineer, Planner, Production Manager, Project Manager, Supply Chain/Logistics Manager, System Administrator

  • Master Planning - 

    MRP is continually a complex abyss that you can never learn enough about but enables so many valuable features within D365 F&O and AX. This track will get deep into the MRP module and provide various topics such as multi companies, how to set up MRP, advanced MRP, production scheduling, production replenishment, capacity and so much more.

    Recommended job roles: IT Professional, Manufacturing Engineer, Planner, Production Manager, Project Manager, Purchasing Manager, Supply Chain/Logistics Manager, System Administrator, Warehouse Manager

  • Power Platform D365 F&O AND AX Integrations - 

    This track focuses on how to build integrations between D365 F&O and Microsoft’s Power Platform: PowerApps, Power BI and Flow. Sessions will include specific how-to’s and gotcha’s for D365 F&O integrations, all using the Common Data Service as a foundation. You’ll see some real-life examples for integrating PowerApps in D365 F&O, as well as how to use Power BI and embedded workspaces as part of your D365 F&O financial reporting story.

    Recommended job roles: Developers, DBAs, System Administrators, Program and Project Managers, Business Analysts, Solution Architects, Directors of IT, Database Administrator

  • Program and Project Management - 

    This track will equip program and project managers with knowledge, skills, tools and methodologies for managing cloud and on-premise implementation and upgrade projects. Sessions include risk reduction strategies, end user training and much more. (Many of these sessions also apply to the Implementation and Upgrades track.)

    Recommended job roles: Program and Project Manager, Solution Architect, Business Analyst, DBA, IT Professional, Line of Business Manager, IT Director, IT professional

  • Project Accounting - 

    This track will feature deep dive learning into Project Management and Accounting to show all the functionality available, and how you can use the functionality to its greatest potential. Topics include project tracking, work break down structure, workspaces and reporting and analytics.

    Recommended job roles: Project Manager, Line of Business Manager, Head of Sales, Project Assistant, Finance, Project Budget Manager, Estimator, Production Manager, Timesheet Entry, Requisition Submitter, Buyer, Department Head

  • Supply Chain (Procurement, Trade and Logistics) - 

    Accurate and efficient supply chain management is the lifeblood of your company and it needs to be efficient. If you're involved in fulfilling orders, shipping, vendor management, logistics, or running a warehouse, join us for a mix of educational topics, best practice case studies, and engaging discussions focused on streamlining your Supply Chain.

    Recommended job roles: Planner, Production Manager, Project Manager, Purchasing Manager, Supply Chain/Logistics Manager, System Administrator, Warehouse/Transportation Manager, Business Analyst, AP Clerk, Purchasing Agent

  • System Administration and Infrastructure - 

    What’s the One Version continuous update process? If you don’t know, this track is for you! Engaging and informative sessions will cover using Lifecyle Services, managing users, security roles and hierarchies, system performance, and more. (Many of these sessions also apply to and will be cross-linked with the Implementation and Upgrades track.)

    Recommended job roles: Director of IT, IT Professional, Program and Project Manager, Business Analyst, Developer, Database Administrator, Security Administrator, System Administrator

Additional Opportunities

Tuesday, October 15 | 8:30am – 4:00pm Learn More & Register

This is a full day of sessions, networking, and engagement with the Microsoft product team regarding the current Dynamics AX 2012 and D365 FO releases as they affect the Public Sector community. The sessions presented are cultivated by the Public Sector Special Interest Group (SIG), so the information you’ll hear is what you asked for. Come a day early and meet with your birds of a feather!

Explore all the Dynamics AX 2012 learning opportunities at Summit! Each D365 F&O and AX user company is on a unique path, and Summit provides the training and education you need when, and until, you move to Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations. Check out these engaging AX 2012 tracks that are sure to meet your immediate and long-term educational needs: AX 2012 Best Practices Track and AX 2012 Planning Track.

Wednesday, October 16 & Thursday, October 17 | 9am – 4pm

Hands-on Labs will be held for two full days during Summit, with a break during the scheduled lunch hour. Participants are required to bring their own computers but are provided D365 F&O Instances to connect to in order to complete all six labs. There will be 25 spaces, and it’s first-come, first-served so spots may open up periodically throughout the day. Check out the schedule to see the specific labs offered.

AXUG Medic at Summit

Throughout Summit, D365 F&O and AX subject matter experts, both technical and functional, will be available at Medic Stations to answer your most gnarly questions. When speakers are talking, the experts are sharing and the MVP medics are buzzing. Go get those answers!

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You will leave Summit more educated about the product you work in every day – D365 FO & AX – with practical tips you can take back and implement right away.

One registration provides access to all sessions at Summit, regardless of product.
Explore other sessions attendees can partake in (at no additional cost), covering additional elements of the Microsoft Business Application platform: