First Time Attending?

Are you a First Time Attendee?

Big conferences can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer extra support help you navigate the conference and network. If you would like to get connected with a mentor, please reach out or make a note in registration.  We want to ensure you feel welcome.

If your partner is there invite them to walk the space with you to get the most out of it. Gaps get filled when you can find the right ISV solution for your business process.

First Timers Guide to User Group Summit

Before the Conference: 

Take time to identify your goals. What are you hoping to accomplish? This could be anything from expanding your professional contacts to identifying how an upgrade would impact your organization. 

What to Pack 

  • Appropriate clothes you can sit comfortably in all day; Think business casual attire. User Group Summit is not a good time to try out new shoes.  
  • A bag or backpack. No, seriously, we are NOT handing bags out this year and you’ll need something to carry all the great stuff you’ll get.
  • A pen that works, a notebook to scribble things down on, and business cards. Take advantage of this opportunity to rub elbows and make connections!
  • Phone and laptop charger. You’ll be on the go and using your device all day. Think of all the cool stuff you’ll miss if you have to gallop back to your room just to charge a device.
  • Re-fillable water bottle. You’ll be moving, talking and drinking coffee all day so you’re bound to be flirting with dehydration. It happens more than you think! 

Think ahead. There will be thousands of fellow Dynamics users, all doing the same thing as you. Plan out your evening social activities beforehand for less stress onsite.

Know a friend or colleague going? No need to be nervous - pair up and tackle things together. Getting lost is always more fun with a sidekick!

During the Conference:

  • Make sure you snag a Conference Guide when you check in. It has all the conference details in it and, better yet, the batteries won’t die.
  • Load the User Group Summit Mobile App on your phone to start making connections and savings your sessions: Stay on track and on time!
  • Pace yourself. There’s a lot going on at this week long conference so make time to take mini-breaks throughout the day – grab a snake or take a walk.
  • If you’re meeting someone, make sure you know the lay of the land. Remember to use the Mobile App and pick a place that really stands out to meet up.
  • Have FUN! Take advantage of your time out of the office to socialize and enjoy the local culture.