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Community Summit brings end-users across Microsoft Dynamics and the Power Platform together under one roof. Create powerful connections with your target audience who are looking for the latest technologies and solutions. Our partners grow every year because of the proven benefits every year:

Grow your business through generating leads and building new relationships with an audience eager to understand what third-party solutions can do for their organization. 

Connect with end-users, peers and industry experts from business to technical through dedicated networking opportunities throughout the week. 

Brand Awareness 
Promote your brand across the Summit platform and establish your company and solution within the Power Platform and all versions of Dynamics 365, FO, CE, GP, BC/NAV, and SL marketplaces. 

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Sponsorship opportunities

 Going to Summit has a great impact on our company because we're able to meet with a lot of new customers, see our existing customers which is always refreshing. It gives them an opportunity to ask us questions. It gives us an opportunity to ask them questions as well as far as what else can we do for them.
Dan Doolin, Integrity Data

 It gets us connected to users. We've tried everything, buying lists in marketing, and otherwise, but Summit always gets us close to humans who actually use GP for us. We can have conversations with them. We come back every year for that reason. It generates good opportunities for us, for business and really to help people out.
Warwick Leith, Calumo

Sponsorship opportunities

Sponsorship opportunities

 It's an invaluable marketplace. For us, it's the most effective way to reach our target audience. It’s a nice way when you combine the commercial and the educational part of it.
Jakob Bjorning, ClickLearn

 Sponsoring Summit allows us to have a single place for our customers and our partners to find us so that we can have conversations with them and so they can learn what's new. And for us to be able to, you know, re-establish that connection that sometimes gets lost when you're just always on the phone or exchanging email.
Tad Remington, Solver

Sponsorship opportunities

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