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I am a Microsoft Certified Trainer with an M.C.S.E in Data Management and Analytics. My practice focuses on Power BI. Before starting my own business, ALT-Enter, LLC, I worked for Unilever, a global consumer products company, in a variety of managerial roles. Because my work history includes 27 years in a global organzation, I bring to my practice a 'lived experience' of trying to communicate and share knowledge across large and complex organization. Teaching people how to create visuals is the tip of the iceberg. Talking to them about how to adopt business intelligence tools and adapt current nformation sharing practices is much more important.

An example of my approach is that when I train I spend as much time talking about the 'workflow' and 'publication' concepts as I do explaining specific skills and techniques. My logic is that a participant can always look up the steps required to acheive a technical aim. Much harder is figuring out what data to use and what reports and dashboards to publish.
I moved to Chicago to attend the University of Chicago. I graduated with a B.A. in American History about which I am still passionate.  When I am not training, I volunteer at my local public library, knit (a refuge from all of the technology!), read about the Civil War, or walk my two terriers. 
I blog at, tweet very occasionally at @JBJ2110. You can connect with me on Facebook at or on LinkedIn at